Meet Our Team


In the midst of a global pandemic, our Founders, Melody and Kim, decided it was time to embark on
a new business venture. LifeSort by MK was founded to provide professional organization services
and products to our shores always accompanied by our CaymanKind.

Whether in our personal lives or professions, organization became a passion for the both of us. We
were raised with an appreciation for a well sorted way of life. However, the gaps of this lifestyle
on island became very apparent during lockdown and we knew we had to change that! That frustration
led us to this solution, LifeSort by MK.

Let’s be real, how many times have you admired The Home Edit, Marie Kondo, and others and
wished that was your space, but you can’t seem to find the time or consistent, quality products? Yep!
We’ve been there.

Meet our two professional organizers and co-founders, Melody and Kim, and let’s connect to see
how the implementation of a LifeSort design will transform your space!


Co-Founder | Professional Organizer

Cayman Brac

Alma Mater: University of Tennessee

Career: HR Business Partner

Favorite Cocktail: French 75

Guilty Pleasure: Sweets, sweets and more sweets!

Pet Peeve: Tardiness

Bucket List: Write a book

Favorite pastime: Experiencing new things with my toddler

Favorite Quote(s): Start as you mean to go on. - Tracy Hogg


Co-Founder | Professional Organizer

Grand Cayman

Alma Mater: University of South Florida

Career: Project/Programme Manager

Favorite Cocktail: Lychee martini

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream

Pet Peeve: Loud chewing

Bucket List: Shark diving

Favorite pastime: From land? Diving. On land? Gaming

Favorite Quote(s): If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes...then learn how to do it later
- Richard Branson


"Melody & Kim were such a pleasure to work with! I love their ability to add a design flare to make your space feel even more unique! I am particularly a major fan of their design process because it allows me to visualize the products in the space. With their organization techniques I was able to fit DOUBLE the items in my space!! Highly recommend these two ladies - #supportlocal"


"LifeSort By MK was truly such a breath of fresh air. From their responsiveness and communication, to their natural eye for design, organization, and symmetry, they completely transformed my evenings with my new spice drawer! I get so excited to open it each time I prepare meals for my family. I can't wait for them to tackle my tupperware cabinet!"



We’d love to learn more about the spaces you have in mind. See what LifeSort can offer by sending us an email to or filling out our quick and easy consultation form. Can’t wait to hear from you!